At Tom Cook Construction we take pride in the fact that we can build any housing project from large condo conversions to new real estate developments

We are a green builder so we are always looking at ways to improve efficiency for the owners.

We have been involved in some of the most innovative projects in the country from affordable, yet beautiful and liveable housing.

We have established a reputation for taking on the most difficult and challenging projects and delivering them on time and under budget

Our ability to handle difficult problems and find solutions is second to none
We pride ourselves in speed and quality above all. 

Our company has one all important philosophy..

Protect the owners money as if it were Our own.. and deliver the finest quality product.

   Tom Cook Construction presents:

                      One Call Construction Services Inc.

            Commercial Buildings
                                            Chocolate Factory Condo Conversions
                                               Belleview Biltmore Resort and Spa
                        Philadelphia Mint   Interior offices and modernization renovations
                Loganview Lofts, factory conversion into condos..Community room
                                                                        Wilbur Chocolate Factory Condo Conversions                                                                      
                                         Loganville Lofts   New condos from old factory
                                                  Reading Terminal Marketplace
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